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Full Moon in Virgo: The 8 of Pentacles [February 2021]

Full Moon in Virgo Decan 1: the 8 of Pentacles

Full Moon in Virgo 2021

This month’s Full Moon is on Saturday, February 27 at 12:17am Pacific Time. The Full Moon in Virgo is at 8° 57′ with Venus and Neptune sharing a presence with the Sun in Pisces.

The Full Moon is a time of culmination, fulfillment, and spiritual realization. The subconscious and psychic Moon is in a state of maximum illumination. At this stage in her process, she brings our daily affairs to a head and demonstrates that certain themes and patterns are at work behind our experiences.

Questions to ask on the Full Moon:

  • What has happened in my life in the last two weeks?
  • How have I seen the seeds of the last New Moon taking root?
  • What was happening during the last New Moon in Virgo and how is that coming to fruition now?

What was Started in September 2020?

This Full Moon in Virgo is part of a larger cycle that began with the last New Moon in Virgo. The date of this New Moon was September 17, 2020. Looking back at your calendar, journal, or emails, what was going on for you around this time? How are these issues shaping up now? To hone in on the particulars, look to the house where Virgo falls in your chart. Also consider the planets in your chart that tie in to the current cycle.

The New Moon in September was at 25° 00′ Virgo, forming an exact trine to hard-working Saturn in Capricorn.

An Exalted Venus in Pisces Hides Behind the Sun

Venus, the planet of love and attachments, entered emotionally aware Pisces on Thursday, February 25. Venus is Exalted in compassionate Pisces, meaning that she gains strength and dignity here. In soulful Pisces, she shows some of her best traits. Romantic, artistic, empathic, and selfless, she facilitates bonding and dissolving boundaries.

However, she hides under the beams of the Sun the entire time that she’s here. The radiant Sun outshines her until Venus emerges as the Evening Star in May. Venus Cazimi, her conjunction to the Sun, happens in late March after the Spring Equinox, when Venus and the Sun are in Aries. Although benefic Venus is in her Detriment in Aries, she acts in service to the Exalted Solar God during their special counsel on March 26.

The End of Mercury Retrograde

The Full Moon in Virgo is ruled by the messenger of the Gods, Mercury. We’re in a period of resolution until Mercury clears his Shadow on March 12, the day before the New Moon in Pisces. This means that the next two weeks, from the Full Moon to the New Moon, will focus on resolving issues and thought processes initiated around mid-January. It’s time to fully integrate the lessons of this Mercury Retrograde period!

The Full Moon can move these ideas and themes more to the front of our awareness. Look to events that center around the Full Moon for a clue about the significance of the entire Retrograde journey. Virgo energy seeks to organize the data and information that we’ve acquired along the way. Integrating past, present, and future as Mercury slowly picks up the pace will allow us to make the most of this powerfully Aquarian Retrograde journey.

The First Decan of Virgo: The 8 of Pentacles

The Moon is Full in the first decan of Virgo, which corresponds to the 8 of Pentacles card in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. This part of Virgo is ruled by the Sun and Mercury. This is the Lord of Prudence, signifying diligence. Under this decan, we patiently wait for the fruit to ripen on the bough of the tree, tending to our studies and practices. This is not about seeing the end results, but enjoying the process. It’s a time to integrate important lessons by Doing and being present physically in the moment.

The 8 of Pentacles in the mini Centennial version of the RWS Tarot

Numerology: The Number Eight

Numerologically, the month of March 2021 is ruled by the number Eight. The number Eight is associated with power, organization, and material savvy. Success goes beyond the tangible products or Pentacles hanging above our work benches, however. There’s a spiritual element as well, which is represented by the mindfulness and attention given to the task by the skilled artisan in the card.

The number Eight nicely matches the energy of methodical Virgo. Be “in the zone” with your work. It may be unfinished or taking longer than expected, but try not to sweat a timeline as much (that’s what I’m telling myself with this late blog post, ha-ha). What matters now is that you do the work: commit to the process for the sake of the process, not the end-product. Each Pentacle that you craft will be more efficient and more accurate than the last.

The Eights in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot (8 of Wands, 8 of Cups, 8 of Swords, & 8 of Pentacles)

In the overall story told from Ace to 10 of each suit, the Eights are concerned with making a decision and taking action. This is a turning point — the beginning of the final home stretch. We have to know by this point where it’s all going. It’s time to commit to the pure energy of the suit. Wands: Act fast. Cups: Follow your heart. Swords: Learn all the things. Pentacles: Do the work.

In the 8 of Wands, Lord of Swiftness, taking action is inevitable as events take on their own momentum; messages are coming in and you have to think quickly and stay on your toes. The 8 of Cups shows us deciding to walk away from situations that have become emotionally stagnant or draining, taking a spiritual pilgrimage away from the drama. When it comes to the Air element and the suit of Swords, however, we face indecision and inaction: too many possibilities cloud the mind and we have to struggle with contradictions.

The 8 of Pentacles simply presents a pupil who has chosen to dedicate himself to the task. As we round out the last two weeks of this Moon and the Mercury Retrograde shadow zone, find practical ways to apply what you’ve learned. As the pendulum swings to bring us more and more free-flowing Pisces energy in the next month, forget about perfect. We’re all in a process of becoming.

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February 2021 Astrology (Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius!)

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius (January 30 – February 20)

Mercury stations Retrograde in Aquarius (26° 29′) on Saturday, January 30, 2021. February 20 will bring the end of Mercury Retrograde (11° 01′), although the total shadow period is January 14 through March 12.

This Mercury Retrograde period happens about three times a year. Visually in the sky, Mercury appears to move in reverse. He slows down and draws to his closest point to the Earth. As Mercury enters this part of his cycle, it’s as if our minds and daily mundane affairs — which are ruled by Mercury — are operating on a different wavelength.

It is a time when technology, communication, travel, commerce, and other signifiers of Mercury are more open to an element of chaos and quirkiness. Ultimately Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity to slow down, go within, and review our thoughts and the data that we’ve collected on our life paths. It is less of a time for taking direct action and more of a time for reflection, ruminating, and planning.

The Trickster archetype is especially fitting for Mercury Retrograde. We can experience random mixups and technical errors during this time. Not all Retrogrades are created equal, however. A lot will depend on the specifics of what Mercury is up to during the Retrograde phase, and how it all interacts with your own natal chart.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
That one time when Mercury Retrograde squared my Neptune & my baby suddenly went from nursing to tapping into the Matrix on my laptop. Yes, we were watching Sailor Moon.

Mercury Retrograde in Transit

During the Retrograde in Aquarius period, Mercury will form five major aspects, starting with his union with the Sun, a condition known as Mercury Cazimi. The last Mercury Cazimi was during the Winter Solstice. Their conjunction was exact on December 19, 2021 at 28° 42′ Sagittarius. Mercury will be purified again in the heart of the Sun on February 8th, 2021 (5:48am at 20° 01′ Aquarius).

  • Mercury Cazimi in Aquarius on Monday, February 8 (5:48am at 20° 01′ Aquarius). The eye of the storm, where Mercury gains strength. This is a good time to do your important Mercury business and be on the lookout for significant insights.
  • Mercury trine the North Node in Gemini on Tuesday, February 9 (10:11pm at 18° 00’). Subconscious processing of information can lead to unique insights about your life path at this time; good time for journaling & divination to reflect about the past & the way forward.
  • Mercury square Mars in Taurus on Wednesday, February 10 (4:08am at 17° 43’). Watch for conflict & miscommunication, foot-in-mouth syndrome, acting/talking without thinking, disagreements, irritability.
  • Retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus on Friday, February 12 (11:42pm at 14° 42’). A chance to review & take a new approach to relationships and the ways that you relate to the world; take inspiration from mad scientist of love Venus in Aquarius & experiment.
  • Mercury conjunct Jupiter on Sunday, February 14 (1:34pm at 13° 20’). A chance to review where you stand and start fresh in the realm of your personal philosophy, beliefs, & spirituality.

List of Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2021

In 2021, Mercury begins a new cycle of Retrogrades in Air signs. The Air element rules the mental sphere: Intelligence, Memory, Communication, Innovation, Technology, Education, Friendship, Groups, Ideas & Beliefs. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius will challenge us to review & in some cases reshape our beliefs.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius (January – February)

Dates: Saturday, January 30, 7:52am PT – Saturday, February 20, 4:52pm

Degrees: 11° 01′ – 26° 29′ Aquarius

Most Affected Placements: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (May – June)

Dates: Saturday, May 29, 3:34pm – Tuesday, June 22, 3pm

Degrees: 16° 07′ – 24° 43′ Gemini

Most Affected Placements: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces

Mercury Retrograde in Libra (September – October)

Dates: Sunday, September 26, 10:10pm – Monday, October 18, 8:17am

Degrees: 10° 07′ – 25° 28′ Libra

Most Affected Placements: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn

Planets in the Signs

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, & Saturn in Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius isn’t the only player asking us to dig deep into this part of our charts, imagining what is possible. This month we have a Stellium — a pileup of planets — in the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius. The need to break free and be uniquely ourselves, to live by our code of honor, is strong during this time.

The first face of Aquarius is the Five of Swords, Lord of Defeat, where Venus is currently with Saturn. This Decan has both positive and negative sides to it, being co-ruled by bountiful Venus & restrictive Saturn. The RWS image is in the aftermath of a battle. The victor watches smugly as the losers walk away from him.

Although the figure in the card is “the master in possession of the field” (Waite, Pictorial Key), he is isolated from his peers. Exiled. Smug though he is, holding fast to his own beliefs, this casts him from the crowd. As the Air element seeks to bring people and ideas together, this represents a sort of crisis in the overall story of the suit of Swords. But it’s one which Aquarius is uniquely capable of handling, as a Saturn-ruled Aquarian isn’t afraid to stand apart. He understands fundamentally the strength that diversity brings to a community and has conviction in his own beliefs.

The third face of Aquarius currently hosts Mercury Retrograde, and is represented by the 7 of Swords, Lord of Futility. Ruled by the Moon & Venus. As we come back into communion with the crowd after our exclusion, we take what we can and leave the rest. Some ideas will fall by the wayside, but we have to admit that others are worth keeping, too. There will be a new moon here on February 11.

The Sun and Jupiter are now in the 2nd decan of Aquarius. This section of Aquarius is represented by the 6 of Swords, Lord of Science, ruled by Mercury. This is the in between place where Mercury Retrograde will return to, finding an oasis in the outer limits. There is an alchemical reconciliation between extremes and opposites that can happen here. It happens in the realm of personally held beliefs and ideas about the world. Affected most importantly is our understanding of the physical and spiritual worlds and our place within them.

What ideas and beliefs about the world are on the table for you?

Mars & Uranus in Taurus: Embers of Impending Change

The unruly Mars-Uranus conjunction of January 20 still echoes through February. These two rabble-rousers remain in the sign of the Bull until Mars hits the hills for Gemini on March 3. While they’re here, they’ll each be forming harsh 90° squares to all of our protagonists in Aquarius.

We start the month with a punch as Mars squares the Sun right off the bat. This can signify wounded egos and ruffled feathers. Mars squares Mercury Retrograde on February 10. During this transit, we can be a bit careless with our words or take on a quarrelsome attitude.

Mars will square Venus, too, potentially stirring up trouble in relationships. Try to channel all of that passion into a constructive or cathartic activity. This will help you avoid the damage of digging in your heels and being at odds with a loved one. Aside from romantic relationships and business partnerships, Venus can also signify finances and possessions. Mars is often an aggressor. It may be easy to spend more than our means or lose by some other manner at this time.

Venus squares Uranus on February 6, offering shake-ups in the realm of romance, partnerships, business, finances, beauty & art. Uranus & Mars always have the potential to be fiery and disruptive. However, change and surprises are not always for the worst. Venus in Aquarius squaring Uranus could easily invite ingenuitive solutions and creative spontaneity.

Saturn squares Uranus on February 17. As these are both slower-moving outer planets, this is part of a much larger (~45 year) cycle. The Saturn-Uranus square will repeat on June 14 & December 23 due to planetary Retrogrades. As these are waning squares, they signify the tense beginning of the final chapter. The story started with the last Saturn-Uranus conjunction in 1988 in the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn and Uranus will meet again in Gemini in 2032.

The Sun & Moon: From Aquarius to Pisces Season

At the top of the month, we finish off our first Moon of the year. This lunar cycle began in Capricorn on January 12. The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio is on Thursday, February 4. The New Moon in Aquarius falls on February 11. For fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius — this is a significant time period. Look to Aquarius in your chart to understand the significance of certain feelings and developments in your life now. Also expect more to develop in these areas over the next few weeks.

Venus will meet up with Saturn on February 5, shortly after the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio. There can be a somber note here. As we close out the previous cycle, allow yourself to let go of that baggage. But of course, we learn from and grow from the experience.

The New Moon in Aquarius emphasizes the importance of the House of Aquarius at this time. It also kicks off the Chinese New Year, welcoming in the year of the Ox. Venus conjoins Jupiter on the day of the New Moon, which is a very fortunate sign.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18 this year. The next day is the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, followed closely by Mercury stationing Direct.

Venus is in Aquarius from the first of the month until the 25th when she follows the Sun into Pisces.

At the very tail end of the month we get a Full Moon in Virgo (February 27). At this time, Mercury will be Direct and in its shadow, in that special middle decan of Aquarius with Jupiter. This is a blessing for finding insight and gaining understanding during the Full Moon.

Significant Transits of the Month

Week One (February 1 – 6)

Monday, 2/1: Sun in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus (2:34am PT), Venus enters Aquarius (6:05am)

Thursday, 2/4: Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio (9:37am)

Friday, 2/5: Venus in Aquarius conjunct Saturn (11:07pm)

Saturday, 2/6: Sun trine the North Node in Gemini (10:40am), Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (7:33pm)

Week Two (February 7 – 13)

Monday, 2/8: Mercury (Retrograde) Cazimi in Aquarius (5:48am)

Tuesday, 2/9: Mercury (Retrograde) trine the North Node (10:11pm)

Wednesday, 2/10: Mercury (Retrograde) square Mars (4:08am)

Thursday, 2/11: Venus conjunct Jupiter (7am), New Moon in Aquarius (11:06am)

Friday, 2/12: Mercury (Retrograde) conjunct Venus (11:42pm)

Saturday, 2/13: Mars sextile Neptune in Pisces (6:13pm)

Week Three (February 14 – 20)

Sunday, 2/14: Mercury (Retrograde) conjunct Jupiter (1:34pm), Venus trine the North Node (9:10pm)

Wednesday, 2/17: Saturn square Uranus (11:08am)

Thursday, 2/18: The Sun enters Pisces (2:44am)

Friday, 2/19: First Quarter Moon in Gemini (10:47am), Venus square Mars (3:04pm)

Saturday, 2/20: Mercury Stations Direct (4:52pm)

Week Four (February 21 – 28)

Wednesday, 2/24: Mars trine Pluto in Capricorn (5:51pm)

Thursday, 2/25: Venus enters Pisces (5:11am), Sun sextile Uranus (1:13pm)

Friday, 2/26: Jupiter trine the North Node (2:58pm)

Saturday, 2/27: Full Moon in Virgo (12:17am)