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Full Moon Magick: Harness the Energy of the Full Moon

Full Moon Magick

Full Moon magick is performed in the days leading up to the Full Moon. This lunar phase follows the New Moon and the First Quarter Moon phases. The Moon has so far been waxing or increasing in light, building up momentum and building a charge.

At this moment the Sun and Moon are in perfect opposition, and the Moon is at her brightest and most magnificent. The Moon is in her most potent position for about a three-day period.

From here, the Moon gradually decreases in light. She’s said to be waning or closing the cycle during this time. After this of course we have a Third or Last Quarter Moon followed by a New Moon.

The Magic of the Full Moon Energizes and Inspires Us

The Full Moon is romantic, magical, and powerful. Even people who don’t think of the Moon in a spiritual way enjoy Moon-gazing, waxing poetic and imagining possibilities with a child-like wonder under her beams. She has been inspiring us forever, especially during the brilliant Full Moon.

For some of us, the Moon holds a profound spiritual significance. In pagan religions it’s common to embrace the Moon as a Goddess figure and to worship her, especially during a Full Moon celebration or Esbat. This is the time when she’s fully revealed at her maximum power.

The Drawing Down the Moon ritual is performed by a Priestess and/or Priest, invoking the spirit of the Moon during the height of her power. This is often done to bring energy to a group’s magical workings or in an act of divination.

Witches harness the strength of the Full Moon by bathing crystals, magical tools, and make Moon Water in the beams of her moonlight. This is a way of cleansing and charging magical objects.

The Meaning of the Full Moon

In our everyday lives, we experience the subtle ebb and flow of the Moon with varying levels of awareness. Every New Moon we begin the next wave of our inner journey, and during this phase we encounter situations and emotional landscapes that deepen our understanding of that journey.

When you take time to reflect on what’s starting up for you at the New Moon, and check in with yourself on the First Quarter Moon, you’ll be in a prime position to soak in the power of the Full Moon and what it means in your life. This is especially true on an emotional, instinctual level.

This is a time of culminating energies, of climax and high intensity. Situations that have been developing come to a head. Feelings that we’ve been harboring demand expression. There’s a buzz in the air as we take home key insights, either consciously or unconsciously.

How to Maximize your Success by Timing your Goals to the Full Moon

By tracking the cycles of the Moon, you’ll follow the natural rhythm of your own emotional intelligence. The Full Moon presents a peaking of our vital energies and understanding of our inner processes. We can use this as a timing point and a goal post in our personal lives. This phase is when we can aim for total expression of our short-term goals and aspirations.

If you set intentions during the New Moon, ask yourself now which of them are taking root and how. Count your blessings and check in about what exactly has built up and come to fruition from your daily efforts.

If you haven’t met some of the goals that you set for this moon cycle, don’t freak about it; the path doesn’t end at the Full Moon. Simply re-adjust your action plan to come closer to your goal by the Last Quarter Moon. Then tie up loose ends and be ready to start fresh on the next New Moon!

Questions to Ask at the Full Moon

  • What has taken root in my life from the time of the New Moon to this moment? (Review developments over the last two weeks.)
  • What landmarks or big events are taking place now, at the time of the Full Moon? (Recognize how the Full Moon energy swell is manifesting in your life.)
  • How do these current events relate to the overall cycle? (Reflect on themes of the New Moon, Quarter Moons and Full Moon.)
  • What do I want to achieve by the Last Quarter Moon and resolve by the New Moon? (Readjust goals and plan for the next two weeks.)
  • How can I honor or observe the special moment of this Full Moon? (Take the opportunity to practice self-care, perform a ritual, or meditate.)

The Full Moon in Tarot: THE MOON

If I have to pick a Major Arcana card from the Tarot to represent Full Moon magick, I would choose The Moon card. Not only does it bear the name of the Moon and the image of the fully illuminated Moon, it also resonates with the high frequency of a Full Moon. 

The Moon card in the Tarot invokes fear, fantasy, illusion and paranoia. Imagine yourself alone in the desert at night, nothing but the light of the Moon to guide you, casting shadows all about the already surreal landscape. An eerie sort of shiver accompanies the sound of animals in the dark.

That wild presence is an important part of the Full Moon magick. She speaks in riddles and through dreams. Her insights and emotional reactions are irrational and spontaneous.

I’ve created a candle series keyed to XVIII. The Moon, featuring an essential oil blend of Rose Geranium, Aniseed, Sweet Fennel, and Sandalwood! Check it out below.

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