Divination & Consulting Services

Divination & Consulting Services

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Readings and Consultations with Dazmond Natalie Bremner

Astrologer, Tarot reader, counselor, Potionsmaker

Dazmond Natalie Bremner

Hey, I’m Dazmond Natalie, a professional astrologer in Portland, OR. I started reading my mom’s Tarot cards when I was 7 and initiated myself as a solitary witch at 11. Divination was always my passion growing up. As a solitary green witch I also specialize in herbal magick, correspondences, and sympathy magick.

I’m always learning new skills and honing my craft. Currently I’m studying the Lenormand card system and spirit communication / mediumship practices.

In 2012, I earned a B.A. in Multicultural Counseling. I have 10+ years experience as a counseling advocate for survivors of various types of abuse and violence. I still do crisis intervention over the phone full time, and I have a background in leading support groups and expressive arts therapy groups.

I started my Tarot and Astrology business in 2015. Some of the highlights are when I presented at the Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) on the Astrology of the Minor Arcana, the 36 Decans, and writing daily horoscopes for Tarot.com. I launched my astrological product line, Hermes of VALIS, in March 2020 at NWTS.

You can find me at various markets selling my magickal wares and reading Tarot. To dive deep into your chart and learn what the cards and/or planets have to share with you, schedule your Zoom session with me, or if we know each other IRL, we can meet in person for private readings in PDX. You can also book me as a Tarot Reader for your themed event, big or small, in the Portland area.

Merry Meet,

Daz, lover of games, plot development, and cocktail hour.

Electional Astrology - Custom Packages to Select Important Dates

Starting a Business, Launch Dates

Weddings, Ceremonies, and Special Events

Buying & Selling Property

Publications, Product or News Releases

Add-On Services

Step-by-step help available, with an analysis of your personal astrology and transits for the given time period. When to work on your project, when to set it aside. We’ll work together to break your project into phases that can be elected astrologically. Tarot sessions, phone and email support are available, as are custom magick packages.

To get started, schedule an initial Electional Astrology phone consult above. We’ll discuss the scope of your project and I’ll provide you with three options for working with me on a sliding scale.