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Astrologer, Tarot reader, counselor, Potionsmaker, business Witch

Dazmond Natalie Bremner

Hi! I’m Dazmond Natalie, a professional astrologer, tarot reader, and herbalist in Portland, Oregon. I’m a lifelong lover of magick and the occult. I started reading my mom’s Tarot cards when I was 7 (the Aquarian Tarot for those curious). 

I self-initiated as a Witch as soon as possible after discovering that witchcraft was real when I was a tweenager. I spent my days off in the library’s metaphysical section, learning spells online circa Y2K, and reading Tarot for surprised adults on MSN chat (and even on the phone as a professional advisor on Keen… at eleven). Divination has always been my passion! 

In 2012, I got my B.A. in Multicultural Counseling because my favorite professor, a biologist who led a research lab at Harvard, thought that I needed a balance between meaning-making and scientific thought, rather than go into lab work. And I quite agree. 

I now have 10+ years experience as a counselor and advocate for survivors of trauma, violence, and abuse. I’ve spent the last decade answering the crisis line full time overnight. I’ve also led support groups and expressive arts therapy groups for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

I started my Tarot and Astrology business in 2015 on moving to Portland and soon discovered my passion for entrepreneurship. Some of the highlights of my business career are when I presented at the Northwest Tarot Symposium on the Astrology of the Minor Arcana, the 36 Decans, in 2019 and writing daily horoscopes for Tarot.com. I launched my astrological product line, Hermes of VALIS, in March 2020.

You can find me at various markets selling my magickal wares and reading Tarot. To dive deep into your chart and learn what the cards and/or planets have to share with you, schedule your session with me online or in person in PDX. You can also book me as a Tarot Reader for your themed event, big or small, in the Portland area.

Merry Meet,

Daz, lover of games, plot development, and cocktail hour.