Dazmond Natalie

Dazmond Natalie is a professional astrologer, fortune-teller, and potions-maker based in Portland, Oregon. Divination and witchcraft have been an integral part of her life from a young age. She started her professional practice in 2015 and launched Hermes of VALIS in 2020.

Daz specializes in combining tarot and astrology, and electing auspicious dates with astrology. In 2019, she presented a class at the Northwest Tarot Symposium; her class was on the Astrology of the Minor Arcana, the 36 Decans. She has also written daily astrological horoscopes for Tarot.com.

In 2012, Dazmond earned her B.A. in Multicultural Counseling (from the Evergreen State College). She has 10 years of experience working as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. She continues to provide crisis intervention over the phone, and has a background leading psychoeducational and emotional support groups.

She’s a Scorpio Rising, loves tabletop and video gaming, reading, writing fiction, and hanging with her 4-year old daughter.

Customer Review: Venus in Libra Candle

A friend of mine in my astrology program gave our teacher some of Dazmond’s candles for an end of year gift. We had a zoom call going as he opened her gift and he was so effusive over them I asked for Dazmond’s website info. 

I love to light a candle during an astrology reading. I’m a Libra rising and was immediately drawn to her Venus in Libra candles. They came so quickly and so beautifully wrapped. 

I’ve been using them in my last few readings and I can feel the difference in my readings. There’s more of a give and take in them, whereas before, I felt like I needed to give as much information as I could in a session. Now, I find myself relaxing more into the session (like Venus is my wing-woman guiding me along). 

Today I had a reading with someone who was having a lot of action in her Libra 4th house (Pluto squaring it from her 7th). We’ve done some readings before but this time I think we both felt supported talking about some of the emotional experiences my client is facing. 

I’m so grateful for Dazmond’s candles and I highly recommend them for anyone not only needing some support from the planets but the beautiful but subtle aromas the candles provide. You won’t be disappointed!

— Amy from ODastrology