Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology

Custom Packages to Select Important Dates​ using Electional Astrology

Electional astrology is the practice of selecting specific dates and times to initiate a project or activity. Just like every individual comes into this world with a birth chart that describes the time and moment of his birth, we can elect specific charts to create a desired outcome.

Starting a Business or Launching a Product

The future success of your business or product depends on the integrity of the moment it was introduced to the world. Don’t leave it to chance. Have someone take a look with you to find the best time that works for your natal chart and personal goals.

Consult an electional astrologer to find ideal times for launching new products or starting a new enterprise.

Electional Astrology

Weddings, Ceremonies, and Special Events​

Take it from me, you do not want to get married during an Eclipse! You can have the sweetest connection with somebody, but the chart of your marriage is its own entity and it will affect you.

Work with an astrologer with electional expertise to find the best date for an important ceremony that fits within your time constraints.

Buying & Selling Property​

You know it’s a wild market and you have some help from an agent, but do you know the best times for house hunting or a key date in your future that’s sure to be the day you sign?

Work with Daz for step-by-step help in buying or selling property.

Writing, Publishing, + Creative Projects

Are you a creator who’s in need of time management with a little bit of magickal guidance?

Find the best times to create versus when you should put it all down for a spell. I can help you select a time for publication to maximize the success of your project, along with step-by-step help along the way.

Custom Packages to Meet your Needs

Your initial consult is a 30 minute call wherein we discuss the needs, goals, scope, and constraints of your project. After our first meeting, I’ll give you 3 options for working together. Electional astrology packages start at $225.

Add-On Services

Step-by-step help is crucial when you’re taking on a project that means a lot to you. We want it to go well! I’ll work with you to find excellent dates and times to take specific actions. We’ll work together to break your project into phases. Add-on services could include Tarot, phone and email support, and custom magickal care packages provided at a discount.

To get started, schedule an initial 30-minute Electional Astrology phone consult.

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