Tarot and Astrology

Tarot and Astrology

Tarot and Astrology with Dazmond Natalie

Hermes of VALIS provides Tarot and Astrology readings online and in Portland, Oregon. Readings with Dazmond Natalie are in-depth, insightful, and deeply engaging. Tarot and Astrology readings are an even more meaningful experience with the addition of professional counseling skills.

Private Consultations

Blended Tarot + Astrology Sessions

Private readings are available online or in person. Online readings, held over Zoom, have the benefit of being recorded, if that’s your wish.

From your first-ever Astrology consultation to your yearly or monthly checkup, Hermes of VALIS has you covered. Let’s sit and put our heads together about your chart — the joys, the hardships, the quality of time you’re living in, your goals and how to work with the planets to achieve them.

Consultations are 90 minutes long and can focus on different areas depending on your goals for the session. Book your consult and let me know in the notes what you’re wanting to explore or get some help with.

Blended Tarot and Astrology sessions are a more immersive way to dive into your astrology chart. It allows us to investigate your question within the context of the current quality of time as it pertains to you. Then diving deep into storytelling and synchronicity with the Tarot allows for magick to flood in and direct you toward your higher path.

We’ll start with a discussion of current astrology and how it ties into your chart. We’ll then investigate your topic of choice, going into an in-depth Tarot reading. Before the session ends, a final summary of our findings helps tie everything together and gives you a guide to follow going forward.

Follow-up is included in every session so you can continue processing and integrating the information in the aftermath.

Couples + Groups

Relationship Readings, Small Group Sessions + Team Building

Blended Tarot and Astrology sessions can be performed for couples as well as groups.

Whether it’s between friends, lovers, or family, you can explore a reading for your personal relationships. This can be a really sweet bonding experience.

Tarot and Astrology services are available for small groups and businesses in Portland, OR as well. I’ll come to you to provide your small group with individual and/or group readings. This is fantastic for team building and showing appreciation to your employees or clients.

Parties + Events

Book me for your parties and events in the Portland, Oregon area! Get started here.

Intimate Gatherings

Bachelorette or bridesmaid parties, bridal and baby showers, a friends’ night in, small dinner parties, family parties, birthdays, and graduations

Themed Parties

From Halloween parties and Solstice parties to gothic/Victorian costume parties, I’ll match your theme and provide Tarot readings for your guests’ entertainment. They’ll be raving about their strange encounter with the cards all night long.

Corporate Events

I’ve read Tarot professionally at corporate events in the Portland area since 2021. I’ve read for construction company parties, architecture firms, small business anniversary parties and at Nike HQ!

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