The Hierophant: Venus in Taurus + Exalted Moon in Taurus

Mossy green blend of rose, cardamom, and patchouli invokes the heart-centered wisdom of Venus + Moon in Taurus.

For speaking from the heart, accessing divine wisdom, giving or receiving counsel, healing and opening the throat/heart chakras, grounding in the body, and stimulating the senses.

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Last Quarter Moon Magick: Closing Loose Ends

Time to Review & Adjust

The Last Quarter Moon, also called the Third Quarter Moon or Half Moon, is the final primary Moon phase before the cycle begins again (see: New Moon). It follows the Full Moon phase and represents the waning half of the cycle, when things are coming to a close. 

What the Last Quarter Moon Signifies

The Last Quarter Moon is a time of readying for the end. It’s an industrious moment where last minute changes can occur, loose ends can be tied up, and we can look back at the entire Moon cycle with greater clarity.

This is the time to make adjustments and recalibrate your plans, get all your ducks in a row, and look ahead to the future. Like the First Quarter Moon, it can also be a time of crisis, when our story comes to a head. This isn’t as intense of an energy build-up like the Full Moon, but it’s our last chance to integrate lessons. They can come at us hard.

Remember that the Quarter Moon is a hard aspect between the Sun and the Moon. They’re in a tense square aspect, generating tension that’s necessary to create change. When we use these Moon phases consciously, we can take advantage of that turn in the road rather than be taken for a ride.

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Full Moon in Cancer: 4 of Cups (January 2022)

Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in January falls in the last decan of Cancer on January 17, 2022. This corresponds to the 4 of Cups card in the Tarot, the Lord of Luxury, ruled by the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon is of course at home in the sign of Cancer, giving this Full Moon positive dignity by sign and by decan.

Mere days before the Full Moon, Mercury has stationed Retrograde in Aquarius in an exact square to Uranus at 10°. At the same time, Uranus is stationing Direct! This can pull some sudden eruptions and surprises from Uranus into both the Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde cycle. Changes and insights will be especially sharp for anyone having important placements at 10° of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto during the Full Moon, lighting it up like a brilliant power source. We can take advantage of this intensity with Full Moon magick, getting to the heart of a mystery and illuminating the unknown. Pluto allows us to exercise control and will power, revealing secrets and effecting meaningful change and personal transformation.

Full Moon in Cancer (January 2022) Astrology Chart, set for Portland, OR.
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Full Moon Magick: Harness the Energy of the Full Moon

Full Moon Magick

Full Moon magick is performed in the days leading up to the Full Moon. This lunar phase follows the New Moon and the First Quarter Moon phases. The Moon has so far been waxing or increasing in light, building up momentum and building a charge.

At this moment the Sun and Moon are in perfect opposition, and the Moon is at her brightest and most magnificent. The Moon is in her most potent position for about a three-day period.

From here, the Moon gradually decreases in light. She’s said to be waning or closing the cycle during this time. After this of course we have a Third or Last Quarter Moon followed by a New Moon.

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