Saturn in Aquarius Votive

We commence our work on the day and hour of Saturn with prayers made to Kronos. At this time, he’s under the influence of his own sign, triplicity, and bounds, rising on the Ascendant in Aquarius decan 3.

A refreshing essential oil blend of eucalyptus and spearmint in teal soy wax for purification, banishing, healing, mental clarity, communication, and clearing the air.

This talismanic candle, keyed to the strategic 7 of Swords, helps in navigating major endings with understanding and grace, maintaining personal integrity, parsing out what is and isn't your responsibility, and stealing away with some wisdom before moving on to the new territory that awaits.

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Full Moon in Virgo 2023: Lord of Gain

Full Moon in Virgo 2023

Full Moon in Virgo 2023

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7, 2023 is in the second part of the Maiden’s sign, the Lord of Gain. In Tarot we look to the 9 of Pentacles, which is concerned with material independence and self-sufficiency. The image of the 9 of Pentacles is of a woman tending her garden. She holds a bird of prey whose job it is to kill the pests that would otherwise nibble away at the fruits of her labor.

Every Full Moon is an opportunity for heightened awareness on our spiritual path. As the Moon’s light increases, so does our understanding of our lived experiences. This Moon can be particularly illuminating. An electric Sun-Uranus transit ties into this lunation, offering a spark of optimism, intuitive insight and innovative thinking.

The Full Moon brings with her an anticipated change in the skies — Saturn moving into enigmatic Pisces, Pluto into idealistic Aquarius, and Mars into empathetic Cancer.

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March 2023 Astrology Forecast

March 2023 Astrology

March 2023 Astrology

March 2023 Astrology brings in major changes as two of the outer bodies – Pluto and Saturn – change signs. A new quality of time will emerge as Saturn leaves the comfort of being in his own domain and heads into the heavy, deep waters of Pisces.

A dynamic month ahead offers a highly intuitive/psychic Mercury Cazimi conjunct Neptune in Pisces, providing illumination, inspiration, and insight. This is followed by a shift into action-oriented cardinal energy as we head into Spring.

March also brings us a bountiful Venus in Taurus conjunct the North Node – putting an emphasis on Aphrodite in her own element – a powerful New Moon in Aries, and Mars shifting into Cancer after a long 6 months in Gemini.

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Last Quarter Moon Magick: Closing Loose Ends

Time to Review & Adjust

The Last Quarter Moon, also called the Third Quarter Moon or Half Moon, is the final primary Moon phase before the cycle begins again (see: New Moon). It follows the Full Moon phase and represents the waning half of the cycle, when things are coming to a close. 

What the Last Quarter Moon Signifies

The Last Quarter Moon is a time of readying for the end. It’s an industrious moment where last minute changes can occur, loose ends can be tied up, and we can look back at the entire Moon cycle with greater clarity.

This is the time to make adjustments and recalibrate your plans, get all your ducks in a row, and look ahead to the future. Like the First Quarter Moon, it can also be a time of crisis, when our story comes to a head. This isn’t as intense of an energy build-up like the Full Moon, but it’s our last chance to integrate lessons. They can come at us hard.

Remember that the Quarter Moon is a hard aspect between the Sun and the Moon. They’re in a tense square aspect, generating tension that’s necessary to create change. When we use these Moon phases consciously, we can take advantage of that turn in the road rather than be taken for a ride.

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