Last Quarter Moon Magick: Closing Loose Ends

Time to Review & Adjust

The Last Quarter Moon, also called the Third Quarter Moon or Half Moon, is the final primary Moon phase before the cycle begins again (see: New Moon). It follows the Full Moon phase and represents the waning half of the cycle, when things are coming to a close. 

What the Last Quarter Moon Signifies

The Last Quarter Moon is a time of readying for the end. It’s an industrious moment where last minute changes can occur, loose ends can be tied up, and we can look back at the entire Moon cycle with greater clarity.

This is the time to make adjustments and recalibrate your plans, get all your ducks in a row, and look ahead to the future. Like the First Quarter Moon, it can also be a time of crisis, when our story comes to a head. This isn’t as intense of an energy build-up like the Full Moon, but it’s our last chance to integrate lessons. They can come at us hard.

Remember that the Quarter Moon is a hard aspect between the Sun and the Moon. They’re in a tense square aspect, generating tension that’s necessary to create change. When we use these Moon phases consciously, we can take advantage of that turn in the road rather than be taken for a ride.

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New Moon in Aries: The 4 of Wands Reborn

New Moon in Aries

The 4 of Wands – Venus in Aries – Lord of Perfected Work candle is rising from the ashes today during the New Moon in Aries! 🌑♈♀♂♇

New Moon in Aries (22° 24′)

The New Moon in Aries is tonight, April 11, 2021 at 7:31pm PT. This Moon is conjunct Venus in the third decan of Aries, ruled by Venus and Jupiter. This decan corresponds to the 4 of Wands card in the Tarot, the Lord of Perfected Work.

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First Quarter Moon Magick: A Natural Checking-In Point

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon is the first primary Moon Phase that follows the New Moon. It represents a turning point in the monthly cycle. This stage is followed by a gradual crescendo to the maximum strength Full Moon in all its glory. Like the Last Quarter Moon, the First Quarter is a harsh square aspect between the Sun and Moon.

The First Quarter Moon: A Checking In Point

Arriving about a week from the New or Dark Moon, the First Quarter Moon provides data to sort through, often in the form of obstacles. You may find yourself at a landmark moment. The sharp edge of this lunar phase can be dramatic or subtle, depending on what you’re dealing with personally during a given cycle.

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New Moon Magick: How to Work with the Energy of the New Moon

New Moon

New Moon: From Darkness to First Light

The New Moon is the first of eight lunar phases. Approximately once a month, when the Sun and Moon are aligned, the Moon is devoid of light. This phase is also known as the Dark Moon.

In the past, the term New Moon referred to when there is a first sliver of light to be seen. The term Dark Moon was used for when the Moon is completely devoid of light and in alignment with the Sun.

During this time we are “in the dark.”

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