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May 2023 Astrology: Taurus Season

May 2023 Astrology

May 2023 Astrology Overview

May 2023 astrology gives us our second eclipse of the season, a revelatory lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This is followed by a fresh New Moon in Taurus that’s tied into the current Mercury Retrograde. Jupiter enters Taurus as well for the next year, driving new growth to this area of our charts. This month we’ll also see Venus seeking comfort in empathetic Cancer while Mars drives us to venture forward in bold, daring Leo.

Although Mercury Retrograde officially ends in the middle of the month, the shadow period extends through the end of May. This means that themes covered during the retrograde will still be subject to review all month long.

The midway point in Mercury’s retrograde cycle comes on May 1, along with Pluto stationing. This is a powerful combination that starts us off on a new chapter with our communications and inner processing. We’ll be more focused on relationships and meeting others eye-to-eye.

With last month’s Solar Eclipse, we walked through a fiery gateway or rite of passage, and there are now many important changes pending in our lives, especially as concerns the Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio parts of our charts.

Mercury Cazimi in Taurus (May 1)

Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun is at 11° 20′ of Taurus. Our new cycle begins in the symbiotic middle decan of Taurus. This is the 6 of Pentacles in the Tarot, Lord of Success, which has to do with reciprocity – giving and taking in equal measure. Ruled by the Moon, there’s a rhythm and synergy at work here, one that makes for fertile ground when the energy’s in its proper flow.

This cycle builds up to Mercury’s maximum brilliance on June 30 in the 1st decan of Cancer. This is the 2 of Cups energy in Tarot, the Lord of Love. Ruled by Venus, it represents the trust and intimacy between two people who are deeply bonded to each other, such as the bond between mother and child.

During this Mercury Retrograde, we’re starting a new chapter that focuses on relationships, intimacy, and the equal exchange of energy.

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Pluto Stations Retrograde (May 1)

Pluto will be retrograde from May 1 until October 10. During this time he ventures back into materialistic Capricorn, where he’ll be from June 11 until January 20, 2024. This is the second to last time he’ll be back to Capricorn, as he makes one last trip here later next year.

Powerhouse Pluto has just made some big moves by entering innovative Aquarius, giving him a fresh area to deconstruct over the next 20 years. As he slows to a stop in preparation of his annual retrograde, he’ll be backing away slowly from this area, letting our first impressions stew in our subconscious.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (May 5)

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Decan 2, the 6 of Cups

The lunar eclipse is at 14° 58′ Scorpio and is the last eclipse we’ll have in Scorpio for a while. This decan in the Tarot is the 6 of Cups, Lord of Pleasure. A nostalgic energy, it works with Mercury Retrograde to bring impressions and significant people back from the past. We long for the simplicity of days long ago and for the purity and innocence of childhood. We may be drawn to express or lean into a more playful mode of being at this time. Working with our inner child can be especially fruitful.

The Moon is in a decan ruled by the Sun, so there’s a strong tie-in to exciting and high-vibrating Sun-Uranus-Mercury in the middle decan of Taurus within this eclipse energy.

Revelations and insights into the past are plenty now. With philosophical Jupiter also entering Taurus this month, there’s a lot of expansion in this area of our chart. Although we’re looking back on the past and discovering truths about our history, there’s a seed being planted here as well.

Uranus-Sun Conjunction

Uranus and the Sun are approaching each other as the Moon moves opposite them. This brings heightened awareness and revelations, adding to the lunar eclipse’s awakening energy. This conjunction will be exact at 18° 56′ of Taurus on May 9. Important news and information will continue to flood in even after the Full Moon.

This aspect can be liberating, helping you break out of limiting patterns. Get out of your comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary to receive insights, clarity, and generate lots of excitement.

What the Full Moon was Seeded in

This eclipse fulfills the promise of the New Moon in Scorpio from October 25, 2022 in the 1st decan of the sign. The focus here was on grief or disappointment over something that was lost. This may have had to do with close personal relationships, as Venus was with the Moon at the time.

The 5 of Cups, Lord of Disappointment, draws our attention to something sad, spilled, or torn away from us. Then it was appropriate to deal with our feelings of sadness. We may have enough separation at this point to look back with less heaviness and possibly even some fondness.

During the eclipse, Venus is just separating from a beneficial sextile to Jupiter. This is significant because of the corulership between Venus and Jupiter of the 4 of Wands, the decan where we had our first Solar Eclipse in Aries last month. The solar eclipse is also a beginning point for the current Lunar Eclipse, on a smaller scale. Benefactors Venus and Jupiter are working together now to facilitate our joyous emergence into this new landscape, as we’ve walked through the threshold.

This final eclipse in Scorpio is in the same decan as our very first eclipse in Scorpio back in November 2021. In a broader sense, this Full Moon is a completion of this larger cycle as well.

Venus square Neptune (May 4)

Venus in Gemini is separating from a square to Neptune, which was exact the previous day. This can muddle things a bit when it comes to our impressions of situations and relationships. It adds to the dreaminess and fantasy of the middle decan of Scorpio where we’re having our eclipse. There could be some confusion and angst going on here.

Neptune is hungry for something that’s going to feed us on the soul level. Venus is having to make a decision before she moves on from Gemini, taking into consideration all the data she’s collected over the last month. It could be feeling heavy and difficult for her to choose just one path forward, but it comes as a relief to know for sure which way she can go from here.

New Moon in Taurus (May 19)

The New Moon is in the 3rd decan at 28° 25′ Taurus. This is represented in the Tarot as the 7 of Pentacles, the Lord of Failure. “Failure” refers to things outside of our control, but there’s a message here to tend to what is under our control to avoid worst case scenarios. Prepare in advance for whatever might go wrong and you’ll be in a better position to weather the storm.

Often with this energy we feel resolved that we’ve already done all that we can, and now we just have to sit back and see. But with Mercury sextile Saturn, we can take a closer look and really tell if there’s something more that can be done to tip the scale in our favor.

Venus in Cancer (May 7 – June 5)

Venus enters sensitive Cancer on the 7th, where she’ll be for the next month. Here she’s warm-hearted, generous, and interested most in comfort. Loving, tender, and emotionally aware, Venus bats her eyes at the North Node on May 10th, encouraging growth, grounding, and receptivity. She also sextiles Uranus in Taurus on the 26th, offering some additional blessings to the Taurus part of our charts this month.

Mercury Stations Direct (May 14)

Just as Mercury stations direct at 5° 50′ Taurus, he receives a beneficial sextile from Venus in Cancer (his ruler) on the 12th. This provides us with a soft landing. Mercury is also sextile somber Saturn for the second and third times (on the 12th and 18th), favoring a serious mindset and diligence in our work. Venus is in a water trine with Saturn in Pisces at the same time. All of this encourages receptivity and openness as we come off the introspective retrograde cycle.

The shadow of Mercury retrograde started on April 7 and will end on May 31 when Mercury reaches 15° 37′ Taurus. In 2023, Jupiter will retrograde over these same degrees (5-16° Taurus)! Do you have planets here? It will be important to take a look at how these are at play in your life this year and where the opportunities for growth lie. Schedule a session with me now so we can discuss.

Mars trine Neptune (May 15)

Mars in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 27° 07′. This decan of Pisces is ruled by Mars, speaking to the hunger and passion of our soul’s desire. This can be deeply sensual, creative and spiritual energy, with the drive of Mars and surrender of Neptune, each in psychic, empathic water signs. This transit is great for putting your imagination into motion for self expression, catharsis, or ritual magick.

With the New Moon sextile Mars and Neptune, we have an opportunity to lean into this compelling energy.

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Jupiter in Taurus + Mars in Leo

Jupiter moves into Taurus for the next year on May 14. In Taurus, Jupiter’s concerned with expanding in the realm of material resources, finances, and property. He can bring a measure of luck, positivity and growth to this area of our charts over the next year. Jupiter in Taurus is both hardworking and indulgent. There’s also a spiritual side of Taurus, beyond the deep connection to the natural world and senses. The message of the Hierophant shows how Taurus is responsible for listening for divine wisdom. He acts as a channel delivering a divine message.

Here Jupiter confronts Pluto retrograde by square on the 17th. Mars enters the picture as soon as he comes into Leo the day after the New Moon. He forms a tense T-square with Jupiter and Pluto (exact on the 22nd). This combination is scary ambitious. Be mindful of where you might be taking on excess or risk, as this energy could get a little intense. If you play your cards right, this can be a beneficial aspect for self improvement and bettering your circumstances.

Are you curious how you can make the most of May 2023 astrology for yourself or your business? Book a session with me and let’s dig in.

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