I. The Magician Tea Light Candle (Set of 10)


Sunshine yellow soy wax with a bright, invigorating scent. Licorice-like fennel blends beautifully with floral & citrus in a mix of lavender, sweet fennel and tangerine.

Set of ten tea lights keyed to I. The Magician for mental clarity, activity, intelligence, discovery and innovation. Sparks intuitive impulse and drives creative manifestation of your Divine Will. Gives a positive energy boost and inspires bold enterprise.

Made in ritual during Mercury Cazimi, the Superior Conjunction of Mercury to the Sun, while he was exalted in Aries. This is the Full phase of Mercury’s cycle, making this ideal for any Mercurial pursuits.

See below for more on this candle’s properties.

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I. The Magician Tea Light Candle (Set of 10) -Mercury Cazimi in Aries

Burn Time: Each Magician tea light candle will burn for 3-4 hours.

Ingredients: Golden 464 Soy Wax, Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Fennel Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Yellow-Colored Dye Block, ECO 1 Candle Wick, Recyclable plastic tea light cups

How to Use this Magician Tea Light Candle

Magickal Properties

  • Manifest your Will
  • Set your Intentions/Ambitions
  • Doing, Acting, Creating
  • Planning & Plotting
  • Cut through “writer’s block” and other stuck points
  • Creative Writing (especially with an 8th House focus)
  • Dive into the Greater Mysteries
  • Strength, Vigor, Forward Motion
  • Mental Acuity & Intelligence
  • Aiding & abetting in your Research (especially Occult)

Aromatherapeutic Properties

  • Calming, Soothing & Comforting

  • Energizing & Mentally Stimulating

  • Promotes Happiness & Contentment, Positivity

  • Increases Focus, Courage and Confidence, Productivity & Concentration

  • Cleansing, Purifying & Refreshing

Herbal Properties & Actions

  • Sedative + Stimulant
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-bacterial/-fungal/-microbial

The Astrological Election for the Magician Tea Light Candle

April 18, 2021 at 4:40pm pacific

This series was astrologically elected during Mercury Cazimi, the Superior Conjunction (the fast-paced, Full phase) of Mercury in pioneering Aries.

The ritual began during the Day of the Sun & the Hour of Mercury with the 3rd decan of Virgo Rising (ruled by Mercury and Venus). The Moon was dignified in Cancer, well-placed in the House of Good Spirit (the 11th House of future-oriented visions and aspirations).

Mercury Cazimi was in the 8th House of Death & Investigation of the Greater Mysteries. There’s a sense of urgency to the Aries energy, because it’s the last degree of the sign.

The energy is fortified with Mars (the ruler of Aries) in a prominent position, culminating overhead. He forms a supportive Sextile aspect to Mercury & the Sun. This is reflected even in how the candle burns. It has a very strong, steady, and fast burn to it. It energizes and strengthens you, encouraging you to take immediate action on your goals. Mars occupies the third decan of Gemini, which is the most decisive section of the sign. It can help remove obstacles of the mind. We instead choose our path automatically, by instinct, and with a burning fervor.

Mercury Cazimi

Mercury Cazimi – the Superior Conjunction – is like the “Full Moon” phase of Mercury’s cycle. During this time, Mercury is moving fast as he joins with the Sun. Here is an overview of the full cycle.

This particular cycle began on February 8, 2021 when Mercury was Retrograde in Aquarius. It completed with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini on June 10.

3rd Decan & Final Degree of Aries: Lord of Completion (4 of Wands)

The Cazimi is with the Sun at 29° 08′ and Mercury at 29° 02′.

This charming last part of Aries marks a rite of passage, a measure of success as well as a new beginning. Here we can see the influence of Venus & Jupiter, within the bounds of Saturn (commitment and actualization). This encourages you to open doors, begin, and commit to your long-term vision with courage and fearlessness.

Looking briefly to Saturn and the position he holds, we see him in the 6th House of Daily Works. He’s dignified in Aquarius, forming a flowing Air trine to the North Node. Show up to do the work and go through the routine; add the magick boost of this beautifully clear, Mars-ruled Mercury Cazimi, and you can accomplish anything.

Sun-Mercury in the 8th House

This Cazimi is in the 8th House of Death and Mystery. This candle can help with focusing our mind on 8th House issues, including the Occult.

The Magician has an avid fiction writer’s mindset. He’ll help you add mystery and suspense to your world-building and plotting sessions, courtesy of the 8th House (darkness, crime, death, mystery, twilight, the paranormal).

Moon in the 2nd Decan of Cancer: Lord of Abundance (3 of Cups)

The Moon is in a good position in the 11th House, dignified in her home sign of Cancer. The next aspect she will make is a trine to Neptune.

This decan is ruled by Mars and Mercury, which is appropriate for the election. It helps create a protected space for important conversations and other mentally-driven adventures to take place.

3rd Decan of Virgo Rising: Lord of Wealth (10 of Pentacles)

This decan is ruled by Mercury and Venus. The Ascendant of 22° 09′ Virgo is within the bounds of Mars.

The 10 of Pentacles represents a form of Completion as well, as the final culmination of the Earth element. Something that can stand the test of time. It represents material security and stability that has been built up. This threshold marks the gate between the physical world and the world beyond.


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