XV. The Devil: Capricorn Votive Candle


This Capricorn votive candle is formulated to the planet Saturn in the sign of his rulership. This series cannot be made again till Saturn returns to Capricorn in 2047! The black soy candle carries a single note of earthy Dark Patchouli essential oil.

Saturn-ruled Patchouli is rich and sensuous, corresponding to the Earth Element. It has a musky smell that people tend to either love or hate, quite like Kronos himself. Patchouli is decidedly grounding and brings one into their body and the material plane; it is deeply rooted with a warm, spicy scent.

The Devil assists you in your work, material ambitions, and mindset for succeeding in the long-haul and building strong foundations. Fortuitous for business success, designing systems and structures, attracting money in exchange for work, and attaining recognition for your worldly achievements.

Scroll down for more information about this candle’s magickal and ritual uses.

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XV. The Devil: Saturn in Capricorn Votive Candle

Capricorn votive candle for working with Saturn, business success, material goals, and long-term commitment. Also available as a tealight set and 8-oz candle tin.

Ingredients: Golden 464 Soy Wax, Dark Patchouli Essential Oil, Black-Colored Dye Block, ECO 12 Candle Wick

How to Use this Capricorn Votive Candle

Magickal & Ritual Uses

  • Self-Discipline, Steadfastness
  • Routine, Structure, Responsibility
  • Setting Boundaries and Limits, Banish Bad Habits
  • Establishing Rules and Systems
  • Business Success, Prosperity and Money Spells
  • Banishing, Binding, Repelling Negativity, Protection, Hex-Breaking, Exorcism
  • Invoking Earth Elementals, Working with the Root Chakra
  • Sex Magick that’s aimed at Acquiring Material Success
  • Saturn Remediation, Working with Saturn Transits
  • Long-term Commitments, Personal Accountability
  • Resilience During Times of Hardship

Aromatherapeutic Benefits

  • Grounding, Balancing
  • Calming, Relaxing, Mood-Harmonizing

Herbal Properties & Actions

  • Deodorizing
  • Sedative
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Antidepressant

The Astrological Election

Saturn in Capricorn with Capricorn Rising

Saturn is Rising in Capricorn at the time of the election, making him the ruler of the chart in his own sign. He’s also within his own Bounds, giving the Dark King even greater authority.

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon was in determined, strategic Scorpio when the Capricorn votive candle series was born. From the lucky 11th House of Good Spirit, the Moon is in direct relationship with Venus, goddess of abundance. This supports the material ambitions of Saturn and his ability to attract success, prosperity and favors through his work.

Mercury square Pluto

An additional feature of this election is the messenger Mercury’s intense square to Pluto, lord of the underworld. This echoes the intense concentration of the Moon in Scorpio, assuring that we’ll go to any lengths to attain our goal.

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