7 of Swords Candle: Saturn in Aquarius


The 7 of Swords candle has a refreshing, clarifying essential oil blend of eucalyptus and spearmint in a brilliant, teal-colored soy wax. It has a cool, camphorous, minty scent.

Keyed to Saturn in Aquarius decan 3, for mental clarity, communication, navigating major endings, having the courage to walk away from that which doesn’t align with your values, and maintaining personal integrity.

Clear the air, reveal the truth, and banish negative influences. Hold strong boundaries for yourself while following your core principles. Let go of responsibilities that are no longer yours to carry, and take something of value (truth, understanding, ideas, beliefs, wisdom) from the situation before moving forward on a new path.

In Tarot, we meet the 7 of Swords, Lord of Futility. This card is associated with mental strategy, craftiness, and sometimes deceit. It shows us using the power of the mind to maneuver things in our favor.

The traditional imagery is of a man stealing away from an encampment with 5 Swords, leaving 2 additional Swords discarded behind him. As he steals from the collective, he’s taking what he can from a bad situation. This represents an opportunity to take what you can from the past before moving on. The Swords themselves represent ideas, beliefs, and philosophies that we take with us or choose to leave behind.

This election is for ending your commitments with grace and understanding. You honor the responsibilities that align with your identity, while letting go of those that block your future growth and progress. Let go of anything that doesn’t resonate with your sense of personal dignity and ethics.

Ingredients: Golden 464 Soy Wax, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Caribbean Blue Dye, Natural ECO-14 Candle Wick, Travel Tin with Lid

Aromatherapeutic Properties

  • Cleansing, Purifying, Clarifying

  • Refreshing, Revitalizing, Rejuvenating

  • Healing, Soothing, Relaxing, Calming, Peaceful, Comforting, Cooling

  • Clears the Mind, Clear Breathing, Increase Mental Focus

  • Invigorating, Energizing, Uplifting, Mood Elevating, Balancing

See below for more information about the astrological election used in making this talismanic candle, and for more on its many magickal uses.

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7 of Swords Candle: Saturn in Aquarius (Decan 3)

The 7 of Swords candle was made in ritual with green astrological magick.

Magickal Uses: 7 of Swords Candle

Purification, Cleansing, & Banishing

This protective blend removes negative & unwanted energy. Clear your space energetically and cast away what doesn’t serve your highest good.

Saturn helps you set strong boundaries for yourself. He’ll help you think about what you are and are not willing to accept, based on your personal values & ethics.

Health, Healing, & Recovery

You’ll notice a nice energy boost with an influx of new, refreshing energy with this blend. It helps you build strength, endurance & vitality.

Heal past regrets and alleviate worry. Restore joy & positivity while providing emotional relief. You’ll feel clearer in your mind, which helps stave off worries, doubt & stress.

Mental Clarity, Strategy, & Communication

Loosen blockages and overcome obstacles with a clever mind. Speak clearly and openly to clear the air or seek reconciliation. Note though, that Saturn will repel anything that isn’t in line with your core values and principles (see above, re: banishing). 

You can work with this candle before bed to increase vivid dreams and gain protection in your sleep. It will encourage your spiritual growth and enhance your psychic power.

The Election: Saturn in Aquarius Decan 3

January 28, 2023 at 8:13am PST

Saturn in Aquarius election

Saturn in Aquarius (Decan 3) Rising

Made during the day & hour of Saturn in his own sign, triplicity, & bounds. This gives him great marks in essential dignity. He rises on the Ascendant, making him the ruler of the chart.

Before he changes signs, Saturn’s doing important work in the final decan of Aquarius. He knows he must leave a situation behind him. This is a decan about endings, especially of a social nature. Saturn contemplates where responsibility lies. What is required of him? He may hesitate to leave the past behind, especially if he finds he has some duty or responsibility to the past.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus conjunct the North Node

The sharp First Quarter Moon, exalted in Taurus, is with the fated North Node of future growth. This gives a strong emphasis on our bodies, our embodied experience, our emotional needs, habits, and patterns. We are called to face a situation that is building with the first quarter Moon phase. Saturn represents the necessity to make changes and define boundaries in a situation that is coming to a head. Honor the needs of your Moon to lean into future growth.

Mercury in an Earth Trine to the Moon + Uranus

Luna’s next movements are to trine Mercury, then merge with innovative Uranus. These aspects help to brighten the mind, adding to the mental clarity of this blend as we navigate ideas, beliefs, and philosophies that we want to bring forward. This is more than just a mental pursuit, it’s one that we can navigate in our bodies with a felt sense of what does and doesn’t work for us.

Communicative Mercury forms a harmonious trine to unconventional Uranus. This lends itself to stimulating ideas that are inspired and unexpected, enhancing the mental strategy suggested by the 7 of Swords. It gives innovative thinking, quickness of mind, and incoming news of forward progress. As they’re both in Earth signs, along with the Moon, there is a certain groundedness and practicality that can help us make the important decisions that are called for by Saturn at this time.

Sun Trine Mars

The Sun in Aquarius is in a harmonious Air trine with Mars in Gemini. This brings in heat and energy, motivating us to advocate for our own needs and interests. It adds to the strong Air Element focus of this brew.

The Sun is also squaring the Lunar Nodes, said to be “at the bendings.” At the North bending, he encourages leaning into future growth and stepping outside of our comfort zones.

Mercury Square Chiron in Aries (with Jupiter)

Mercury in Capricorn is squaring Chiron in Aries, bringing in conversations and news about the wounds we carry. Grapple with and confront what is and isn’t yours to carry. This helps assist in the healing power of this blend. Along with the approaching Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aries, we are given a great opportunity to grow into ourselves and become our own best advocate.

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