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Full Moon in Scorpio: Muse of Tragedy & Resonance

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on Monday, April 26 at 8:32pm Pacific Time. At 7° 06′ of Scorpio, this Full Moon corresponds to the 5 of Cups (a decan of Mars). The Lord of Disappointment deals with negative emotions, such as loss, grief, and angst.

Mars rules the New Moon and the Full Moon for the current Lunar cycle (April 11 through May 11), bringing passion, desire, conflict, and assertive/decisive action to the forefront thematically. This is our drive to act, our source of willpower, physical movement and sexuality. Mars inspires independence, survival, self-sufficiency, strength, and courage in the best of times. Aggression, violence, control and imposed willpower are also under his domain.

The New Moon began in Mars-ruled Aries on April 11 and reached a point of significant development with the First Quarter Moon in motivated Capricorn on April 19. We may feel highly determined during this Moon cycle, driven by our hunger for something worldly – whether that’s love, money, or the promise of attaining something more abstract. Of course how you feel individually will have a lot to do with how it interacts with your birth chart.

The Full Moon in Scorpio (April 26, 2021)

Mars changes signs just a few days before the Full Moon in Scorpio. He enters the emotive sign of Cancer on Friday, April 23 where he will remain until June 11. Mars in Cancer is emotional, caring, protective and self-protective, possessive, moody, and sensitive. Activities may be more geared toward domestic chores, home renovations, nurturing or working with children.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is just separating from a warm trine to Mars, accentuating the active, willful force of this Full Moon. Examine Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer in your chart for clues to what areas of your life are active and engaged now. What is coming to a head – internally or externally in your world?

This Full Moon is part of a larger cycle, bringing something to fruition that was seeded with the New Moon in Scorpio (23° 17′) on November 14, 2020.

Our instincts gain strength now. We ground in our bodies with inner planets falling in Taurus, immersed in the world of 3-D perception and our 5 senses. Mars in Cancer adds a sort of sixth sense of psychic awareness to the mix.

The Moon in this decan of Scorpio despairs, afflicted and not as powerful for the usual Full Moon manifestation magick. There is, however, great power to examine our desires and get to the heart of what we want at this time.

Luna opposes the inner planets in Taurus, who are all colliding with the wild one, Uranus. Developments associated with this Moon cycle could be important to various Uranus in Taurus narratives that are ongoing in our lives (March 2019 – July 2025).

The 5 of Cups, Lord of Disappointment

On this Full Moon, we might ask ourselves, what are we latching onto? What are we desperate for? The story of the first decan of Scorpio is one of pining hunger and want. Wanting something that one has lost, or something unattainable, or something that you can’t get enough of no matter how much you strive to satisfy the hunger….

This card is a reminder that it’s appropriate to grieve what you’ve lost, whether that’s outside of yourself or if it’s a part of you: for example, loss of innocence or loss of stable health. Grief is a process of emotional healing and it takes time. That said, we also need some degree of separation from the pain so as not to become lost in it. Trauma is like this, where dealing with the pain a little bit at a time and being able to put it aside as much as possible sometimes is very appropriate and supportive of healing.

We can remind ourselves of the goodness of what we have, rather than pining for something out of our reach.

Planets in Taurus want and hunger, too. The 5 of Pentacles is the counterpoint to this Full Moon, and this deals with material needs. As we deal with our craving and heightened sensitivity now, remember to ground and attend to basic needs. Eat healthy, hydrate, and tend to the needs of your body, whether that’s exercise, stretching, taking medicine, bodywork or massage.

A Reading for the Full Moon: Muse of Tragedy & Resonance

The reading for this Full Moon uses the Divine Muses Oracle deck. The cards that we’ll be looking at are the Muse of Tragedy and Resonance.

Muse of Tragedy & Resonance cards from the Divine Muses Oracle deck.

The Muse of Tragedy, Melpomene, speaks to the suffering found in the 5 of Cups. There is great emotional content here to be dug through and understood. Melpomene invites us to experience the intensity of our emotions through catharsis and exploration of the depths.

Resonance is all about energies aligning. What are you aligning your energy to? Are you picking up frequencies that are affecting your mood and vibration? With all senses available to us and with an ability to look deep in the shadows at this time, we can investigate how well our relationships and other attachments are matching up with our heart’s desire.

What speaks to your heart and sparks passion for you now? Let more of what you hunger for come to fruition in your life. Practice what brings you pleasure.

If you experience a lack of resonance, there may be grief in the loss of that feeling. For some people there may be an element of knowing when to walk away from something that just doesn’t feel right to you. It may be a disappointment now, but in the long run you need to align yourself with things that speak to your true inner nature. Seek that which calls to you and makes you feel right in your soul.

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