Mercury in Aquarius Bath Bomb (Lavender Rosemary)


This blue and yellow Rosemary and Lavender bath bomb is keyed to Mercury in the second decan of Aquarius. It is moisturizing, gently foaming, and topped with dried Red Clover and Lavender flowers. Each bath bomb is an average of 8 ounces and contains only pure essential oil.

Ritual Uses: Guidance through a time of transition, rite of passage, working with Mercury / Hermes, healing and recovery, hope and optimism, coming out of a rough patch, examining personal beliefs and memories, spiritual journeying, balancing the mind, seeking refuge, protection, protection of assets, money magick, financial security, benefitting trade and commerce, working with angels, Aquarius energy, Saturn themes of limits and boundaries, innovative ideas, mental stimulation, relaxing the nerves and mind, powerful journaling aid, writing, exorcism (negative mindset, false beliefs)

Aromatherapy Benefits: Stimulating, Strengthening, Soothing, Healing, Reduce Stress and Nervous Tension, Improves Mental Activity, Promotes Clarity and Insight, Calming, Sedative, Helpful for Insomnia

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This blue and yellow Aquarius bath bomb is magickally formulated to correspond to the 6 of Swords card in the Tarot, the Lord of Science. This is the middle decan of Aquarius, ruled by Mercury.

The Elected astrology chart for this project has Mercury in the middle decan of Aquarius (post-Retrograde). Mercury at this stage was moving forward very slowly and applying to a conjunction with benevolent Jupiter. Lessons from the New Moon in Aquarius carried us into Mercury’s Retrograde journey this Winter, where he explored themes of belonging, belief, and community. As we begin a new chapter in our lives, we’re called to examine our previously held beliefs to see how they fit with the vision of what we want to create for ourselves.

The 6 of Swords story is one of leaving home and setting out on a journey. The swords in the boat represent thoughts, beliefs, memories and ideas that we carry with us into the unknown. We might have been forced out, ostracized or exiled in some way, but the trouble is behind us. The ferryman guides the mother and child across the river to a distant shore. This is the in-between place where Mercury Retrograde brought us back to, finding an oasis in the outer limits. There’s an alchemical reconciliation that can happen here. It happens in the realm of personally held beliefs, ideas about the world, and our understanding of the physical and spiritual worlds and our place within them.

In this space we can explore Saturn themes about boundaries and limits as well. We are both outside the limits of the known universe and within the bounds of what we’re able to imagine (although these edges can be stretched). This is the intuition of the intellect, fueling scientific discovery via the power of the creative unconscious.

This Lord of Science – Mercury in Aquarius line of products is made to facilitate mental processing, healing, rest, and recovery. It gives one space to breathe and safe haven to sit with their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and memories. The effect is both refreshing and deeply relaxing, gently opening the mind and calming the nerves. This is a great ritual bath to follow up with a deep journaling session.

The colors of the bath bomb correspond to the RWS version of this card, with the golden yellow of the woman’s cloak and the gray-blue of the water. When this BB dissolves into gentle foamy bubbles in your tub, it will slowly color the water emerald green. Green, like the green in the ferryman’s pants, symbolizes fresh growth and fertility — new and innovative ideas and beliefs ready to take root. Green is also symbolic of healing and integration.

This Aquarius bath bomb is made with pure Rosemary and Lavender essential oils and topped with dried Red Clovers and Lavender. Rosemary for the Swords element, conjuring up memories and alerting us to ideas and insights into our beliefs. Lavender for soothing the mind and relaxing the nerves, allowing space for mental processing and healing to occur. Red Clover is used to invoke Mercury, good luck, success, exorcism (of false belief, negativity), protection. Red Clover also echoes the position of Mercury and Jupiter in the Second House, aiding financial matters and focusing on the issue of Values — both of a material and immaterial nature. While we explore what matters to us, we can also rest easy knowing that we are protected and on the mend financially and materially as well. Mercury-Jupiter in the 2nd benefits commerce, trade, and communicating big ideas.

Hermes of VALIS bath bombs are astrologically elected and formulated to be used for magickal purposes in decadent ritual baths. Using principles of astrology, divination, eclectic green witchcraft, aromatherapy, and color magick, they are made naturally with pure essential oils and moisturizing oils. These will color your bath water, feel luxurious on your skin, and fill the room with 100% natural essential oil fragrance.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Polysorbate-80, Coco Betaine, Water, Wilton Color Right Concentrated Food Dye, Dried Red Clovers, Dried Lavender

Safety Information: It’s best to use caution when bathing with essential oils. The essential oils in these bath bombs are diluted in apricot oil. You can do a skin patch test to check for allergic reaction before using the bath bomb. Gently scratch a bit of powder off and place on a small patch of skin, such as the inner elbow. Smudge a little water on to make the blend stay in place, then cover with a bandaid. Check in 24 hours. Use caution especially around children and during pregnancy.

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