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August 2023 Astrology Forecast

August 2023 Astrology

August 2023 Astrology features two Full Moons, the stationing of Mercury Retrograde, and the juicy middle part of Venus’s Retrograde story with Jupiter and Uranus!

Full Moon in Aquarius: August 1st

The first Full Moon of the month is in Saturn-ruled Aquarius on August 1st, which is also the Witch’s holiday of Lughnasadh, the first harvest. This special day signifies a time of thanksgiving and abundance as we mark the height of Summer. It’s a busy day astrologically, as it coincides with two major planetary aspects.

On this day, meticulous Mars in Virgo is in a harmonious, practical Earth trine to Jupiter in Taurus (13° 46′), helping you move forward fearlessly, embrace a competitive spirit, and take bold action to get what you want. This is a lucky transit showing success, growth, and serious conquest.

At the same time, Mercury is opposite dutiful Saturn Retrograde (5° 39′). Mercury has just entered studious, analytical Virgo where he’ll be until October 4. Mentally-focused Mercury loves being in Virgo, the sign of his exaltation, where we have an easier time attending to tedious tasks, staying organized, and improving systems with efficiency and discernment.

But this year Mercury is Retrograde in Earth signs, and he’ll be entering the pre-retrograde shadow phase on August 3 at exactly 8 degrees Virgo. His retrograde stretches from August 23 to September 15, and the shadow continues through September 29.

Mercury opposite Saturn Retrograde can put a slight damper on your enthusiasm, reminding you it’s time to get serious, pulling your thoughts to more somber realities, or confronting you with nibbling self doubt. It can slow you down enough to really think before you take action, which could be to your benefit. Rely on the intelligence of Mercury-Saturn to make smart choices and remember to take your time.

Interestingly, with the Full Moon in Aquarius decan 1 (9° 16′), there’s also a theme of winning but it not really feeling like a win. You could be overcoming something and winning a battle, but that’s not quite the same vibe as, say, winning the lottery. But there’s reason to celebrate all the same. This Full Moon is the culmination of the New Moon in Aquarius that we had on January 21st, also in this first decan of the sign.

Transits of the Sun in August: Leo & Virgo Seasons

On August 6th, after a quiet week following the first Full Moon, the Sun in Leo squares Jupiter at 14° 16′. This is a positive, feel-good transit that could help boost your confidence and lighten things up. You may be tempted to overdo things, to indulge or to boast. Just remember to exercise some moderation while you enjoy the boost from joyful Jupiter.

The Sun squares Uranus in Taurus on August 15 at 23° 00′. Uranus pushes us toward liberating change, which could have you feeling a bit nervous on the precipice. There’s an element of unpredictability and a build up of tension that needs to be released at the middle of the month.

This transit ties in with the Venus Retrograde, which is also in a jarring square relationship with spontaneous, freedom-loving Uranus. All that Leo energy, mixed with the North Node in fiery Aries, can lead to a lot of butting heads as we all explore our individuality, personal freedom, and more selfish needs. Embrace change and innovation during this time to get the most out of this transit.

On August 19, the Sun trines the North Node in Aries at 26° 29′. This harmonious aspect encourages you to take on a position of leadership, know your worth, own your power, and take fearless action on your goals.

While Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, the Sun enters Mercury-ruled Virgo. This won’t be a typical back-to-school Virgo season with our academic ruler moving backwards.

The Sun also opposes Saturn Retrograde on August 27 at 3° 50′. This could be a low-point in our story of finding ourselves during this Venus Retrograde in Leo. As we come upon our second Full Moon of the month, a Blue Moon in Pisces, we may be experiencing delays, hardships and limitations that make us question ourselves. The only way out is through, and patience, dedication, and hard work will help you see the light of day.

Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus Retrograde in Leo makes a series of 3 squares each to Uranus and Jupiter in her home sign of Taurus. This forms an important narrative that’s unique to each of our lives that will play itself out during her Retrograde. In August, she makes the second of three squares to both Jupiter and Uranus.

On August 9th, Venus squares Uranus at 22° 55′. The squares to Uranus will be more challenging, with an expectation from Uranus that something has to give. He demands change, experimentation, and personal liberation, which typically means leaving your comfort zone. As far as Venus in Leo is concerned, she’s going to be thrown into situations where she has to show herself and fight for her crown.

Venus Cazimi, the moment when Venus is in perfect alignment with the Sun, is at 20° 28′ Leo on August 13. This initiates a new cycle for Venus, which will reach its Full phase on June 4, 2024 in social Gemini.

August 22 is the second of three squares to Jupiter at 15° 18′ (the same exact degree of the third hit). The squares to Jupiter would typically be positive, lucky transits that you could take advantage of. However, the second square in August does coincide with a muddier Mars opposite Neptune transit that could suck some of the positive energy out of these two. Remember to pace yourself; Venus is still Retrograde and all about that inner work at the moment.

Mercury in Virgo Retrograde

On the same day as Venus squares Uranus (August 9), Mercury in Virgo trines Jupiter. This is a very fortunate transit that benefits business communications, long and short term planning, and embracing a vision for your future.

The combination with the change-seeking Venus-Uranus square could be quite exciting. If you have something completely new and thrilling you’d like to try that involves sending information or communicating a message with enthusiasm, this is a magical time to do it. Just note that Mercury will return to this degree after stationing Retrograde later, revisiting this territory.

Mercury Stations Retrograde at 21° 51′ Virgo while in a trine to Uranus on August 23. Uranus then Stations Retrograde on the 28th at 23° 05′. Uranus is the secret agent in all of our affairs this month, it seems.

New Moon in Leo

August 16th is the New Moon in Leo at 23° 17′, which squares Uranus exactly. This is a pointed echo of the Sun and Venus squares to Uranus that dominate August 2023 Astrology. As if this wasn’t enough Uranus action, on the same day we have a beautiful Mars-Uranus trine.

This is about the time that our drive for self recognition and independence come to a head. We’re ready to commit to a new way of doing things, and putting our own needs first.

Mars in Virgo & Libra

On the same day of the positive Venus square to Jupiter (August 22), Mars opposes Neptune Retrograde at 27° 00′. Mars opposite Neptune can be a bit of a dangerous combination with the optimism of Venus and Jupiter. It can accelerate the two pleasure-seeking benefics into a frenetic state of ecstasy that lacks groundedness and leaves you feeling drained.

On August 24, Mars trines Pluto Retrograde at 28° 23′ Capricorn. This is a much more positive, constructive time that can be used for achieving your aims, goal setting, and making progress.

Mars enters just Libra on August 27, encouraging a more diplomatic approach to achieving our goals.

Full Moon in Pisces: A Blue Moon

The second Full Moon of the month is a Blue Moon in Pisces on August 30. At 7° 25′, she’s more-or-less conjunct Saturn Retrograde. With Mercury also Retrograde in Virgo opposite, this lunation has a theme of slowing down and having to overcome roadblocks at the end of the month.

This Full Moon is the culmination of our last New Moon in Pisces on February 19, which was also in the first decan of the sign. This part of Pisces is ruled by Saturn and associated with the 8 of Cups card in the Tarot, the Lord of Indolence. The lesson is one of walking away from stagnant waters. Relationships or situations that have become toxic or draining are left behind. We have to choose a more solitary, spiritual, and ascetic path into the mountains, moving on from the past.

There’s a lot of retrospective energy and looking backward now, with Saturn, Mercury, and Venus Retrograde. Have some grace for yourself and prepare for things to not go perfectly to plan around this time.

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