7 of Wands: Valour Candle (Mars in Leo decan 3)


A single note of Bay Laurel essential oil, clove-like with floral notes, in blood red soy wax for Mars in Leo decan 3. This is the 7 of Wands, the Lord of Valour, representing the Fiery will to push through and survive in the face of obstacles and hardship. Call on the Valour series for fortitude, clarity of mind, and a dedicated, fearless mindset when you have to get down and dirty to fight for your crown. Dedicate yourself to winning the battle, even (and especially) when the odds are seriously stacked against you.

Learn more about the astrological election and magick of this candle below.

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The 7 of Wands: Lord of Valour Candle

The 7 of Wands Valour candle is part of a limited electional series to include an apothecary jar, tea light candle set, votive, and travel tin. This candle series features a single note of Bay Laurel essential oil in a blood red soy candle, for those harrowing times when you need to defend your kingdom and take back your crown!

Scent profile: strong, camphoraceous, sweet-spicy, a little fruity, herbaceous, clove-like with floral notes

Ingredients: Golden 464 Soy Wax, Laurel Leaf (Bay Laurel) Essential Oil, Red Dye Blocks, natural ECO-14 candle wicks, 8 oz metal tin with lid.

Magickal Properties of the Bay Laurel Valour Candle

Manifestation, Protection and Success

Ruled by Fire and the Sun for victory, courage, and triumph. Increase power, strength, and resolve, gain protection and repel negativity with this brew. Rich in healing and purifying properties, Bay Laurel cleanses and wards away evil; it can be used for exorcism and hex removal. It’s also a powerful wish fulfiller, long used in manifestation and prosperity spells. Mars in Leo decan 3 calls on this powerful plant ally for support, strength, and courage when the going gets tough.

Wisdom, Prophecy and Divination for Life Direction & Survival

Bay Laurel is associated with Apollo, a Solar deity of prophecy. It’s a powerful blend for divination, increasing psychic powers and clairvoyance. It would be particularly useful for those readings where there’s a lot at stake and you’re seeking a clear answer or direction to head in. Use this blend for looking into Fiery matters affecting career, life purpose, and self-development. Open your Crown and Third Eye chakras for a boost of inspiration and creativity. As you work with the Valour series, pay special attention to your dreams for solutions and insights.

Aromatherapeutic Properties of the Valour Candle

The Bay Laurel essential oil is from Greece, steam distilled from the Laurus Nobilis tree. Long a symbol of victory and nobility, the Laurel is traditionally made into wreaths and placed on the head as a crown. The essential oil is warming and promotes confidence and bravery. It helps you form a connection to your higher self, drawing on reserves of inner strength and focus to ensure your success.

The Astrology of the Valour Candle

July 1, 2023 @ 8:50am Pacific

Valour Candle

Mars in Leo Decan 3 – Rising with Venus – in a Grand Fire Trine

The focus of this election is Mars in Leo decan 3, a part of Leo that Mars rules. This decan in the Tarot is the 7 of Wands, Lord of Valour, which is all about keeping your spark alive and the Fire burning hot, resisting defeat. Leo symbolizes creativity, power, and strength; as we approach the end of the sign, holding onto these things becomes the focus. Our kingdom is at stake and we’re forced to defend and protect our legacy, vitality, and our very ability to be in control of our lives.

Venus is applying to a conjunction with Mars, adding her blessing of love, passion and creativity to the mix. The two are in a Grand Fire Trine with the Moon in bold Sagittarius and Chiron in self-assertive Aries. This bolsters Mars and stokes his Fire, ensuring that the energy is burning ever brightly.

Another interesting component to this blend is the exact Venus-Uranus square. This confrontation encourages growth, change, and creative spontaneity. Mars is separating from the square to Uranus, and this energy is still present, signifying the intense need to break free from limitations, pursue our desires, and assert our creative will in the world.

Sun-Mercury in Cancer: Tapping into Apollo’s Wisdom

The Sun is the ruler of the chart, conjunct Mercury in Cancer in the 12th House of the subconscious. This emphasizes the prophetic nature of the blend, with Bay Laurel’s association with Apollo. Force alone is not sufficient; wisdom and prophecy will guide you in the right direction. Never forget the intuitive part of the Fire element, trusting your impulse and gut instincts.

The Sun and Mercury are trine Saturn, which gives dedication and persistence to reaching your goal. The election takes place during the day of Saturn and hour of Mars.

Sun-Mercury sextile Jupiter on the Midheaven

Helpful in terms of assuring victory and success, Jupiter is in a prominent placement at the top of the chart. The Sun and Mercury form an advantageous sextile to him, offering enthusiasm, encouragement, and fortuitous good luck. Positive thinking carries you forward and helps you attract support and good fortune toward your cause.

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