The Chariot: Aura Cleansing Spray (Cancer + Mars-Jupiter-Pluto)


A cleansing, reinvigorating aura mist and room spray that will elevate you to your higher soul purpose. The Chariot is an orange hydrosol with essential oils of cinnamon leaf, cardamom, and lemon. Made in ritual with the waxing Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus, the election features a heavy Venusian influence with Libra Rising. It was also made during a highly ambitious Mars-Jupiter square that will boost your motivation to succeed while leading always from the heart.

Use this spray to come into alignment with your higher soul purpose, master self control and inner balance, and unleash the unconquerable flow of your heart-centered motivation. Take control over the direction you want to go in. Master the forces of Light and Darkness within so that you may exercise your will in the external world. Act from a place of devotion, love, and emotional awareness, heightened by the magick in this brew.

Learn more about the astrological election and magickal properties of this brew below.

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VII. The Chariot Aura Cleansing Spray

Moon-Venus in Cancer (with Mars square Jupiter)

The Chariot aura cleansing spray is part of an electional series which is also available as a travel tin, votive, large apothecary jar, tea light candle set, and bath salt.

Ingredients: Organic Orange Hydrosol, Ethanol Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerin, Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, Cardamom Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, 4-ounce green glass spray bottle.

Magickal Properties of The Chariot Aura Cleansing Spray

Use this aura cleansing spray for an instant refresh and realignment with your true path forward, for mastering self control and finding inner balance. Step into a place of empowerment, personal ambition, inner strength, and willpower. Decisively direct your energies to ensure victory and success.

The Chariot series helps you get in touch with your heart, so you can tap into what’s actually the most important to you. Forget about all other measures, and get in touch with what your heart wants more than anything else. Act from that place.

Aromatherapeutic Properties of the Chariot Aura Cleansing Spray

The invigorating orange hydrosol base is keyed to the motivational nature of Mars in Leo square Jupiter. With a Solar influence, the magick of orange and cinnamon invoke the fiery boss-like mindset, assisting us in business, career, finances, and taking action to get shit done!

Orange and lemon are cleansing agents; they purify and transform negative energy, revitalizing and relieving you of the day’s clinging energies with every spritz. Motivating and uplifting, it will clear the way for you to move forward on your true path with confidence and clarity.

The cardamom in this blend carries the Venusian influence, while adding a bit to the spiciness of the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-square. Cardamom is warming, opening the heart and inviting us to pursue what we love and crave. I use this herbal ally for both Mars and Venus magick, and it truly marries the best of both worlds, a gentle protector and passionate lover.

When you use the spray over the long-term, you’ll notice a soft leaning into the things that bring you joy. Come closer to your spiritual self and higher calling in life, feel the tug in a certain direction on your path that just feels right, urging you to heal, purge, repair, disintegrate and reform those old stories so you can grow into the person you know already is inside of you, waiting to be actualized.

The Astrology of the Chariot Aura Cleansing Spray

May 22, 2023 @ 3:10pm Pacific

This series was elected during ritual on the day and hour of the Moon. The Moon was in Cancer, the sign she rules, and building/increasing in light. Here’s the chart and reasoning for the election. She was born in 2023, the year of the Chariot (a 7 year numerologically) for extra good measure.

Chariot Bath Salts

Moon-Venus in Cancer with Libra Rising

Benevolent Venus is the ruler of the chart with Libra Rising. The Waxing Moon in Cancer is applying to a conjunction with her at the top of the chart. They’re both culminating at the Midheaven, a point of power and distinction. By essential dignity, both planets are strong, with the Moon having an especially good dignity. She’s in the face, term, and triplicity of Venus, who by many accounts is giving her blessing in this election.

The cardinal energy of Cancer and Libra give this brew a special boost, encouraging you to take action, stay motivated, and take the initiative. The Moon separates from a harmonious trine to Saturn, embracing duty, responsibility, and a strong work ethic.

Super-Charged, Ambitious T-Square (with Mars-Jupiter-Pluto)

Mars in warm-hearted Leo square Jupiter in persistent Taurus is highly ambitious and driven to succeed. The addition of Pluto pushes this to the max. When you soak in this spray, you will do what it takes to get what you want! Mars-Jupiter energy is heroic, whereas Pluto can be a little cut-throat. Moon-Venus in Cancer, with Libra Rising, helps to keep things balanced and keep your heart in the right place. But the T-square will give you the courage and heat to do what needs to be done!

The Moon enjoys a special sort of reception with Jupiter as they’re each in the other’s sign of exaltation. And Jupiter in hard-working Taurus is with the North Node of future growth, giving him special power and emphasis. The T-square is Fixed and will stick to the path ahead, seeing to the work until it has come to a place of completion.

The Sun sextiles Mars and trines Pluto, adding some positive energy to the brew.

Jupiter is also moving into an advantageous sextile with Saturn, which helps with stepping into a position of authority and taking the proverbial reigns.

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