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Last Quarter Moon Magick: Closing Loose Ends

Time to Review & Adjust

The Last Quarter Moon, also called the Third Quarter Moon or Half Moon, is the final primary Moon phase before the cycle begins again (see: New Moon). It follows the Full Moon phase and represents the waning half of the cycle, when things are coming to a close. 

What the Last Quarter Moon Signifies

The Last Quarter Moon is a time of readying for the end. It’s an industrious moment where last minute changes can occur, loose ends can be tied up, and we can look back at the entire Moon cycle with greater clarity.

This is the time to make adjustments and recalibrate your plans, get all your ducks in a row, and look ahead to the future. Like the First Quarter Moon, it can also be a time of crisis, when our story comes to a head. This isn’t as intense of an energy build-up like the Full Moon, but it’s our last chance to integrate lessons. They can come at us hard.

Remember that the Quarter Moon is a hard aspect between the Sun and the Moon. They’re in a tense square aspect, generating tension that’s necessary to create change. When we use these Moon phases consciously, we can take advantage of that turn in the road rather than be taken for a ride.

Last Quarter Moon in the Tarot: The Hermit

A Major Arcana card that can represent the energy of the Last Quarter Moon is The Hermit. The figure in this card is an old sage, whose lantern guides him through the dark night. A lantern illuminates and increases understanding of our inner landscape.

On the Last Quarter Moon, it’s entirely appropriate to discriminate like Virgo, which rules this card: what went well during this cycle, and what can be improved? It’s time to attend to the minutiae, to redouble your efforts and make a map for the future. 

The Hermit is associated with the figure of the Cerberus, Hades’ monstrous three-headed dog who guards the Underworld. The three heads see into the past, present, and future. From the vantage point of the Last Quarter Moon, we can also peer into the past, present, and future to shed light on our path and determine the best way forward into the night of the next Dark Moon.

Questions to Ask during the Last Quarter Moon

  • What has this entire Moon cycle been about for me?
  • How did the themes stirred up by the New and Full Moons manifest in my life?
  • What astrological sign is the Moon in? How does this impact my feelings and what my focus is?
  • How can I change course right now?
  • What needs improvement or adjustment at this time?
  • Have I met any goals that I set for myself since the New Moon? If not, what have I learned about what I need to support me around this goal?
  • What are my hopes for the near future? What are my very next steps to take in order to set out toward that future?
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