Material Works: 3 of Pentacles (Ginger & Patchouli) Candle


This spicy, earthy blend of Ginger and Patchouli is both energizing and grounding. The Ginger stimulates an active, exalted Mars, while the Patchouli harnesses the Earth element of Saturnian Capricorn, encouraging productivity.

Ritual Uses: Productivity, Taking Action, Independence, Business Planning, Goal Development, Planning a Great Work 

Aromatherapy Benefits: Warming, Energizing, Stimulating, Enhances Concentration, Combats Lethargy and Irritation, Alleviates Anxiety, Grounding, Relaxing, Deodorizing, Sedative, Promotes Restful Sleep, Aphrodisiac

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♂ ♑️ Lord of Material Works ♂ ♑️ Ginger & Patchouli

This is an all-natural soy wax candle in an 8-ounce travel tin, which comes with a lid. Each hand-poured ritual candle is made using principles of eclectic green magick, astrology, divination, and aromatherapy. It is made with pure essential oils and natural wicks that are lead and zinc free.

This candle is formulated to the 3 of Pentacles in the Tarot, and the planet Mars in the sign of his exaltation, Capricorn. The name of this card is the Lord of Material Works. The color is a bright orange and it gives the warming scent of a spicy, earthy essential oil blend containing Ginger & Patchouli.

Warm yourself up and inspire confidence in your abilities as you work on taking direct action toward your goals. From Liber T (1888):

Working and constructive force, building up, creation, erection; realization and increase of material things; gain in commercial transactions, rank; increase of substance, influence, cleverness in business, selfishness. Commencement of matters to be established later. Narrow and prejudiced. Keen in matters of gain; sometimes given to seeking after impossibilities.

Ingredients: Golden 464 Soy Wax, Organic Ginger Essential Oil, Organic Patchouli Essential Oil, Orange-Colored Dye Block, ECO 12 Candle Wick, 8 oz Metal Tin with Lid


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