High Priestess Candle (Venus in Pisces)


The High Priestess is a fuschia soy wax candle infused with a single note of luxurious Jasmine. The scent is heady, floral, sweet and indulgent.

Use this candle for attracting true and spiritual love, bolstering self love and compassion, enriching visions and psychic awareness, increasing meaningful synchronicities, manifesting desires, and accessing deep inner wisdom. Enhances passion, sensuality and openness between partners.

This romantic candle was made with Venus in Pisces, along with a transcendental Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that dissolves boundaries and opens us to divine inspiration.

The High Priestess candle is infused with Jasmine Sambac wax, a natural byproduct of making floral absolute. Jasmine flowers are solvent-extracted, resulting in part with this wax that’s 100% pure and undiluted.

Ingredients: Golden 464 Soy Wax, Jasmine Sambac Wax, Orchid-Colored Dye Block, Natural ECO-14 Candle Wick, 8 oz Metal Tin with Lid

See more below about the specific astrology and magickal uses for the High Priestess candle.

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High Priestess Candle: Venus in Pisces

Magickal Uses of the High Priestess Candle

Love & Attraction

Attracting spiritual, pure, and true love, jasmine is an ideal energy to work with when it comes to drawing romance into your life. The election emphasizes the melting effect that jasmine has on the heart. Spell-binding and erotic, the scent instantly alights the imagination, magnifying your ability to visualize and manifest your heart’s desire.

Sensual and intimate, the vibe this candle brings into the room allows for letting down barriers. This helps with bonding between partners and couples, opening you to being more vulnerable, empathetic and compassionate with each other.

To expand and increase feelings of self love and radical acceptance, light the Priestess candle and feel your unique radiance emanating from deep within. This can be very useful when healing from a broken heart, reclaiming your sexual freedom, or embracing singlehood. Increase feelings of self-love while boosting your natural beauty, personal magnetism, and authenticity.

Psychic Wisdom & Understanding

There is a silent wisdom that comes from being in alignment with our spiritual higher self. We all have a sense of intuitive knowing, but it can be easy for our logical minds to second-guess. The High Priestess is a leader in the domain of the subconscious; here there is trust and faith held in the accuracy of feelings, hunches, and premonitions.

In the Tarot she’s associated with the ever-changing Moon. Mysterious and psychically charged, it invokes a sense of magic, romance, and possibility. Fantasies and dreams become symbol rich and full of meaning.

The High Priestess candle supports psychic development and divination. It’s especially favorable for working with tools of the divine feminine such as chalices, cups, cauldrons and mirrors. Opening the third eye, you can magnify any meditation practice and find answers through dreaming and creative visualization. She also opens the Heart and Crown, accessing divine love and holy wisdom. Create a sacred space with the High Priestess’ ambiance that can deepen your connection to the imaginal realm.

This blend has a strong feeling of fairy magick and mischief. The loosening of boundaries can be exhilarating, intoxicating and disorienting at times, so take care to practice moderation if blending with alcohol or other inebriants. Strange things have been known to happen!

The Astrology

Part 1

Venus, the friendly creator goddess of love and beauty, is in compassionate, romantic Pisces, where she finds her exaltation. Exaltation is when a planet is said to be elevated or held in high esteem, making it easier to act in accordance with their own wishes. Pisces is a place of empowerment for Venus because it is a selfless, heart-felt energy. Creative, loving, empathic, beautiful, and divinely inspired, it’s a natural and supportive habitat for Venus to work in.

The High Priestess represents the Moon in the Tarot. So we start at night in the hour of the Moon, while the waxing Moon in Virgo rises toward the Midheaven. As she fills the night sky with her brilliance, she opposes a mystical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

Since we’re invoking the High Priestess archetype, we have Venus starting her journey at the bottom of the chart, which represents the innermost part of ourselves. This allows entrance into the mysteries she represents: occult knowledge, secrets and hidden things, inner knowing, divine silence, and psychic awareness.

Although Venus has already passed the angle of the IC, magnificent Jupiter and Neptune take the stage as they culminate and are also activated by the Moon. As the ancient and modern rulers of Pisces, this creates a surreal landscape of mysticism, rich symbolism and imagination. With Sagittarius rising, Jupiter rules the overall chart for the beginning of the work.

Part 2

During the hour of Mercury later that night, Venus in Pisces rises on the Ascendant, gaining power, and the waxing Moon in Virgo begins to separate from Jupiter. Mercury, as the ruler of the day and hour, is in the house and bounds of Venus as well.

Part 3

The third part involves some corrections that had to be made to finish up the work. Perhaps it was the exacting Virgo Moon that insisted on perfection, whereas the Pisces creation process was messy and inspired. I elected the tidying up to be under Saturn’s direction, being on Venus day during the hour of Saturn.

During the interim, Mars happened to enter the chat in Pisces! Active and passionate, Mars seems to have a way of working himself into my elections…. I did, however, put him over the degree of the Midheaven so Venus is culminating and he doesn’t have as much influence as her.

This chart has Cancer rising on the Ascendant, making the Moon the ruler of the chart. The Moon, now Full in Libra, opposes wounded healer, Chiron, the key to emotional vulnerability and compassion.


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