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“Natal” means birth. A Natal Astrology reading tells you about your life based on the moment you were born.

When I was growing up, I put a lot of weight into the meaning of a name. Since I self-initiated into Witchcraft at age 11, I’ve always kept a magickal name (Dazmond is my current magickal name, btw).

My birth name, Natalie, also means birth. Some name interpretation sites say it means NAKED, which I’ll also take, haha… queue the Stereo Total dance party! But in all realness, I do identify with the (painful) idea of BIRTH, which happens over and over again to us. I’m a firm believer that we’re made up of many selves. As a Scorpio Rising with Pluto in the 1st House, my story is one of constant death and rebirth. Can you relate??

During your *actual* birth, there was a magical moment when someone said, “time: 2:06pm.” And then there was the specific location in space where you were destined to BE. Who knows what brought you to that moment? The moment when you showed up here, and took your very first breath in this body. That unbelievable moment in time that infused your soul with meaning and possibility. This established your “natal promise” or the blueprint for *everything* in your life.

Does this mean that your Fate is absolute? That a reading involves me telling YOU who you are and what’s going to Happen To You? Fuck no, it doesn’t! And not only because I’m a professionally trained peer counselor with over ten years of experience listening to people and helping them through crisis. Nothing is written in stone because we’re Witches, you and I. And you know what that means? That means that the next part of the process opens the doors to creation.

Electional Astrology Consulting

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