VIII. Justice: Venus in Libra Candle (2.0)


Forest green soy wax candle, keyed to VIII. Justice (Venus in Libra Rising). Made in ritual during the crescent Moon in Libra who was applying to Venus & Jupiter at the time, during the day of Jupiter and hour of Venus.

A sophisticated blend of Lavender, Rose Geranium, Spearmint & Ylang Ylang enchants the senses, balances the mind & heart, and brings people together.

See below for more information about the astrological election and special uses for this ritual candle.

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VIII. Justice: Venus in Libra Candle (2.0)

Venus in Libra 2.0 is the second release of the VIII. Justice candle series. The first edition is from 2020 with a different election and darker color. This form of Justice leans heavier on the ylang ylang, is of a lighter minty color, and features Moon in Libra applying to Venus in Libra + Jupiter in Aquarius. It has a softer nature that will surely melt you.

Libra Candle Scent Profile: Minty, Fresh, Floral, Sweet, Warm, Rich, Heady

Ingredients: Golden 464 Soy Wax, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Forest-Green-Colored Dye Block, Natural ECO-14 Candle Wick, 8 oz Metal Tin with Lid

How to Use this Venus in Libra Candle

VIII. Justice

Justice is a recalibration. Balance and harmonize yourself with this treat, allowing the truth to surface. Interact and communicate with heart-centered awareness and compassion, breathing new life into relationships.

The divine scales of Justice allow us to access inner wisdom before making decisions and taking action in the external realm.

Magickal Properties

Restore balance within yourself and in your relationships. Creates a harmonizing environment and clears the air. Aids in attraction of positivity, abundance, and prosperity while also dispelling negativity. Use for reconciliation and restoring peace between parties and for friendship.

Raise your self-confidence, personal magnetism, and communication skills. Whether talking to a client or preparing for a speaking event, Justice will lend compassion and eloquence to your voice, open your heart, and sharpen your mind. Useful in beauty magick and connecting to divine feminine energy. For all gender expressions, helpful in finding inner balance.

Aids in protection, purification, and healing magick. Enhances meditation, psychic power, and dreamwork (enhancing vividness/recall, and offering a protective element).

Promotes love, lust, intimacy, romance & fidelity between partners. Releases fear and sexual inhibition with its calming, seductive scent. Opens the throat, heart, and sacral chakras while generating feelings of safety and comfort.

Aromatherapeutic Uses

  • Calming (lavender, spearmint, ylang ylang)
  • Soothing (lavender, ylang ylang)
  • Relaxing, Balancing, Uplifting (geranium, spearmint, ylang ylang)
  • Cleansing (lavender, spearmint)
  • Refreshing, Energizing, Invigorating, Revitalizing, Focusing (spearmint)
  • Mood Elevating, Comforting (spearmint, ylang ylang)
  • Self-Esteem Boost (ylang ylang)

Herbal Properties & Actions

  • Aphrodisiac (spearmint, ylang ylang)
  • Antibacterial (geranium, lavender, spearmint, ylang ylang), Antimicrobial (geranium, lavender)
  • Antidepressant (geranium, lavender, ylang ylang)
  • Deodorizing (geranium, spearmint)
  • Sedative (lavender, spearmint, ylang ylang) & Stimulant (spearmint)
  • Expectorant & Decongestant (Spearmint)

The Astrological Election: Venus & Moon in Libra

September 9, 2021 at 10am Pacific (Portland, OR)

Venus in Libra Rising; Moon-Venus trine Jupiter

This VIII. Justice candle has the Moon, Ascendant, Venus and Mercury all in Libra. Venus is Rising and the Moon is applying to her as well as to Jupiter by trine. The election took place during the day of Jupiter and the hour of Venus.

Although the Venus-Jupiter trine is separating, the two benefic planets are still in a sign-based aspect.

Jupiter + Saturn in an Air Trine

Jupiter and Saturn are both trine the stars of this election by sign. Both are retrograde, turning their energies within. They give their blessing through the harmonious trine aspect.

Jupiter rules the last decan of Libra where Venus, the Moon, and Ascendant reside; this is the 4 of Swords card in the Tarot, which recommends withdrawal from external activity, rest, recovery and meditation. Meanwhile Saturn, who finds his exaltation in Libra, reminds us to attend our personal responsibilities to maintain fairness and equilibrium, acting from a higher mind.

With an emphasis on the Air element, we are working here on balancing the mind, thought patterns, communication, and bringing people together through shared ideas. Community and our place within that are important elements. Even if the work we have to do is solely on ourselves in solitude, cultivating an awareness of others helps to guide us in a positive direction.

Libra Candle

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